Our Project

We are focused on improving exercise care for people with Parkinson and other movement disorders. 

We do this through our long term and unique experience in building innovated dual multitask programs for people with Parkinson in diverse environments.  

Our programs allow people to perform specialized exercise at home, maximizing engagement and delivering customized programs.

By combining the three key elements of daily activity, we build exercise programs that are both engaging and able to mimic activities You do every day.

Experience, Innovate, Lead.

Dual task for parkinson’s

Who we are...

Catarina Godinho

Exercise Physiologist, teacher, researcher and experience over the 13 years.

John M. Dean

Speech Language Pathologist

Josefa Domingues

Physiotherapy Parkinson specialist, researcher and experience over the 16 years.

Why dual or multitask?

Dual task interference is an important problem in aging and several neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Dual or multitask training is one of the most effective way to reduce this problem in Parkinson.

– Our core belief is that dual task exercise truly has positive effects on people with Parkinson’s and a growing body of research supports those beliefs.

– But for such exercise to truly help, it has to be salient, it has to apply to real-life activities and it has to be engaging.