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Josefa Domingos

Josefa M. Domingos, M.Sc., PhD Candidate, is a Physiotherapist specializing in Parkinson disease with over 16 years of working exclusively with Parkinson disease and atypical parkinsonism. She is currently a researcher at Radboud University Centre in Nijmegen (Netherlands), completing her PhD on ‘Practicalities of Community-based exercise programs in Parkinson disease”, focused upon implementation of specialized community exercise programs for people with Parkinson and understanding how, when, and whom to include in such programs.
Josefa serves as the National Health Coordinator of the Portuguese Parkinson Disease Patient Association.

She founded 6 PD specialized physiotherapy services throughout the Associations branches all over the country.
She currently holds different scientific positions in national and international societies, including:
(1) Coordinator of the Portuguese Movement Disorders Medical Society rehabilitation working group;
(2) member of the Scientific Board of the Portuguese Gerontology Society;
(3) member of the scientific committee of the European Parkinson Disease Association;
(4) board member of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association. She is also researcher at the Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon.

Inn addition to ongoing collaboration with John on interdisciplinary education for healthcare providers, Josefa has also served as faculty for the MDS Allied Health Summer School education program and is co-author of the European Guideline for Physiotherapy in Parkinson’s disease (2010-2013) organized by the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF), Association of Physiotherapist of Parkinson disease in Europe (APPDE) and Movement Disorder Society.

Josefa has undertaken several certifications in specialization courses for Parkinson, including: Allied Team Training for Parkinson Disease; Ageing, Physical activity and Functional Independency graduate course; Aquatic NeuroRehabilitation Halliwick graduate course; Madrid Cognitive Rehabilitation course & internship; LSVT BIG® program; Parkinson Wellness Recovery® training; Mark Morris Dance Group’s Dance for PD® Method; Zumba Fitness and Gold®; MDS DBS Specializing Course; Ronnie Gardner Method®; Boxmaster® training; Boxercise®; and Pound®. She has participated in the annual Teaching Courses in Movement Disorders at the Neurological Clinical Research Unit of Lisbon since 2008. Josefa has also participated, developed and run national and international retreats for People with Parkinson for more than 10 years in Portugal, UK and USA.