Who we are….

John M. Dean

John M Dean, M.A., CCC-SLP is a speech language pathologist specializing in the treatment of Parkinson disease and related disorders since 2007. In addition to clinical work, he has been involved in Parkinson’s-related projects ranging from leading the development of interdisciplinary Parkinson’s rehab networks for a national healthcare company in the US, founding award-winning startups that build technologies for people living with Parkinson’s and a stint as Director of Healthcare Strategy and Technology at the Davis Phinney Foundation.

John currently divides his time between Colorado and Portugal, collaborating with physiotherapist Josefa Domingos on the Triad, their approach to exercise that combines movement, voice, and cognition. In addition to direct collaboration in the clinic, they deliver exercise retreats for individuals living with Parkinson’s at locations throughout Europe, the UK, Canada and the US.  John and Josefa also provide educational training to healthcare providers and exercise professionals throughout the US and UK as well as in Brazil.

John serves as a member of the scientific advisory board for the Davis Phinney Foundation. He also holds positions on the website editorial board for the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) and as the chair of the website editorial group for the Health Professionals Special Interest Group (HP-SIG). He is also a member of the steering committee for the Speech Disorders Study Group for MDS.

John has certifications in LSVT ® LOUD, Parkinson’s Voice Project (SPEAK OUT ®), Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery!, Dance for PD and Pilates as well as instruction in Neurologic Music Therapy, Resonant voice therapy and Jon Argue’s methodology. He has received Allied Team Training for Parkinson Disease, in addition to serving as faculty (2013-2015)